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Your hybrid schedule in the palm of your hands

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Let’s be honest, we use our phones for everything — including work. In fact, the average American will spend over two months on their phones in 2023. As hybrid employees, our phones have become one of the most crucial tools we use. They give us access to essential work applications, emails, and documents on the go, enabling us to maintain productivity whether we're working from home or the office. 

Considering the flexibility that comes from hybrid work, it’s more important now than ever that we can rely on our phones to keep us up to date as plans change (and we know they will.) That’s why Scoop improves your mobile experience for your hybrid day-to-day. 

Your hybrid day in a single glance

When you find yourself in a rush, Scoop has your back. With the mobile app, you can quickly review your daily highlights including:

  • Your in progress & upcoming Calendar events and meetings
  • Your Favorites & Co-workers work locations
  • With the ability to send a Running Late message for your next meeting
 A mobile app showing co-workers' work locations and upcoming meeting details

More visibility on meetings = more control

When looking to quickly review your upcoming meetings, Scoop will show you the meeting title and the time. If you need a bit more info, tap into the meeting to view guests’ planned work locations and if your meeting includes a Zoom link, you can open this directly from the Scoop app too! 

As you navigate through your workday, the number of events left at the top of the app is also counting down–effortlessly allowing you to stay on top of your schedule.

Take (back) control of your hybrid schedule

Scoop’s mobile app gives you an up-to-the-minute overview of what’s on your calendar and the valuable info you need to get the most complete picture of your workday, empowering you to make the best decisions about where work happens–something that just your calendar alone can’t do. 

Download the Scoop mobile app for iOS or Android.

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