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Streamline your hybrid work schedule with Routines

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In a world that is ever-evolving, our approach to work has changed with it. The traditional 9-to-5 in-office routine has given way to a more flexible and dynamic work arrangement, the hybrid model. We all know the benefits of hybrid work; 71% of employees have reported improved work/life balance, an astounding 96% of employees say hybrid work is best for mental health, and let’s not forget the positive impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

But we also know one of the biggest challenges for hybrid employees is coordinating schedules. Employers don’t have a central place to see who’s working where and there really isn’t a good way to share your own schedule. Most of the time, it ends up being a tedious manual task that’s inconsistent (that is, if you even remember to do it at all). 

Set your weekly hybrid routine

We know most employees have a set routine for when they plan to head into the office, so Scoop created an easy way to set and share your weekly work routine.

A view of a hybrid work schedule with work location surfaced.

Routines can be added from the Scoop mobile app or calendar extensions. Once added, Scoop automatically surfaces your routine across the entire platform — from Slack and Calendar to your phone. And If (or maybe when) your plans change, updating your work location is as easy as a click of a button. 

How to add your weekly hybrid work routine 

Adding your weekly work routine is available on iOS, Android, Chrome, and Edge

When setting your Routine, each day of the week is optional. You won't be required to set a routine for every day if there are days that you'd prefer not to. If you’re a permanently remote employee who does not need to set an office work location, you’ll be able to indicate this when setting your Routine as well.

A view of setting a hybrid work week office routine

Scoop will automatically apply your Routine each Thursday evening for the next 2 weeks. If you have any work locations that are already set independently of your Routine, we will skip those days and only apply the Routine for days that a work location is not yet set. 

Did plans change? No worries! You can quickly update your work plans with one click from anywhere in Scoop such as:

  1. In the mobile from the Upcoming tab.
  2. From the Home tab in the calendar extension. 
  3. Or from the Home tab in the Slack app.

Where Scoop surfaces work routines

Now that you’ve taken this simple step, Scoop will display your Routine in multiple places including:

  • Your Slack Status.
  • The Teams tab in the calendar extension.
  • The Co-Workers tab in the mobile app
  • And as an all-day event on your Calendar. 
A Slack staus showing the employee is going into the office

This takes all the leg work out of coordinating schedules with co-workers and close collaborators so you can all do your best work from the right location each day. 

Focus your time where it counts

The advantages of hybrid work are well-recognized and Scoop wants to help you make your office days great by overcoming the challenges. Wasting time by manually updating tasks and not knowing where people are won’t make that possible.

That’s where Scoop’s Routines step in — saving you time, ensuring everyone is on the same page about where you’re working, and making it easier to plan out that next office day together.

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