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Staying up to date even when office plans change

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Ever find yourself suddenly needing to switch up work plans? As hybrid employees, we’ve all been there. Maybe you just found out your work bestie is showing up at the office tomorrow, or you've opted for a last-minute day of undisturbed work at home. Whether it's a spontaneous change of scenery or a planned shift in your work mode, the last thing you need is to commute all the way in just to find out no one else you work with did.

Scoop’s powerful planning tools make it fast and easy to update your office plans, no matter why or when you need to.

Manage your day-to-day schedule with Snapshots 

Looking to eliminate the uncertainty and last-minute curveballs in your workday? With Snapshots, you can easily manage your day-to-day schedule with personalized summaries delivered via Slack DM on a daily and/or weekly basis.

Snapshots include key details of your hybrid work schedule for both you and your co-workers including:

  • Your planned work location (In Office, Remote, OOO) and specific building
  • Your co-workers' locations, including Favorites and team members
  • Your Manager's work location
  • A summary of your upcoming meetings

Easily update plans from your existing tools 

Updating work plans can be a real pain – whether it's the time-consuming mandated workplace management platforms or dealing with a thousand Slack messages just to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

But with Scoop, you can effortlessly update your office plans to suit your needs, whether it's for a single day or the entire week. And you won’t need to be tied to your desk to make these changes. No matter if you’re using Slack, on the move with your phone, or simply using your web browser, you have the power to adjust your office plans to match your evolving schedule.

The best part? These updates are seamlessly synced in real-time across the whole Scoop platform. This means that regardless of if you're in the office or working remotely your team is always on the same page. 

A calendar event with guests' work locations; a hybrid worker changing their work location to office.

Instantly see whether office plans are still on 

With Scoop's planning tools, you'll also have a range of convenient ways to ensure your colleagues' office plans are on track, all within the same platform where you manage your own office plans, and without the need for any calendar sleuthing.🕵️‍♀️

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Know where people are working with Slack commands
  • The refresh option on your daily or weekly Snapshot
  • Review your highlights for the day in the Scoop mobile app

Updates will reflect in real-time making it even easier to stay up to date when plans change. 

A Slack view of co-workers' work locations

Make great decisions about where you spend your time at work 

Put an end to the constant flood of Slack DMs and chaotic calendar searches just to keep everyone in the loop with ever-changing office plans. With Scoop, you can have the confidence to make the right decisions about where and how you spend your time at work and focus on what truly matters: a productive, stress-free workday. 

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