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Stay on top (and ahead) of schedule with Live Activities

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Have you ever had one of those days where you’re sipping on your morning coffee, cruising through your workday from the comfort of your home—everything seems just fine until you get that heart-stopping ping, ‘Are you joining?’ And it hits you, you’re late for the meeting! 

As hybrid employees, balancing Zoom calls and face-to-face meetings in the office can feel like trying to ride two horses at once, and let’s face it, you’re no circus performer. With a whopping 3x more meetings than we had in 2020, it's no wonder we often feel like ragdolls tossed from one meeting to the next. Staying on top of this can be hard; it’s even harder when you can’t easily access your calendar. It's high time we tackle this chaos and bring some much-needed order to our workdays.

Scoop’s Live Activities on iOS and Meeting Activities on Android offer you a convenient way to stay organized and on top of your meeting schedule right from your phone.

How it works

As you kick off your workday, Scoop will proactively send you a morning prep notification, arming you with the essential information to start your day on the right foot. Then, when you have an upcoming or in-progress meeting throughout the day, Scoop will automatically send you Live Activities so you're always well-prepared and in the loop.

A live activity notification of an in progress meeting with a real-time countdown

Have an OOO day on the horizon? We appreciate the importance of those days just as much as you do. We'll refrain from sending you any Live Activity notifications on weekends and scheduled OOO days.

✍️ Note: You’ll need to Download Scoop for iOS or Android and connect Scoop and Google Calendar to receive Live Activity notifications.

Live Activities in action

Live Activities morning prep notification

A morning notification of hybrid schedule including upcoming meetings and coworkers work locations

First thing in the morning, we’ll display:

  • A helpful reminder for the number of meetings that day
  • The name, time, and location of your first meeting
  • Your previously set work location
  • A list of co-workers who will be joining you in the office.

Live Activity push notification for in-progress or upcoming meeting

A live notification of an in progress meeting; a running late message pre-populated with responses

When you have an upcoming or in-progress meeting, we’ll display the following:

  • The meeting name
  • Your set work location
  • A real-time countdown for that meeting
  • The number of meeting attendees and how many are attending in office
  • Ability to send a Running Late message

Always be prepared

No one likes feeling stretched thin — but it’s a sentiment all too familiar with hybrid work, especially when your time is split between in-office days and working from home. Scoop’s powerful planning tools help you take back control of your schedule, giving you better visibility and the ability to make great decisions about where and how you spend your time at work.

Download Scoop for iOS or Android to try it out today. 

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