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See your workday plans in a single Snapshot

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It’s no secret that we’re busier than ever at work. Our calendars are packed with three times more meetings than in 2020, and we must balance our time, energy, and focus across multiple projects. As hybrid or distributed team members, we manage our office schedules and juggle the schedules of our teammates and managers.

With Scoop’s Snapshots, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all of the crucial details of your workday are neatly summarized and delivered right to you, right in Slack. 

With just a quick glance at your Snapshot, you can view office plans for yourself and your co-workers, update your office plans, and prep for the meetings you’re joining or even the ones you own. You’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running and tackle your day like a pro.

Everyone’s office plans, all in one place

Instead of feeling torn between flexibility and productivity, Snapshots give you all the info you need to decide where to focus your time and why. You'll get key details about your hybrid work schedule and your co-workers', like:

  • Your previously planned work location (Office, Remote, OOO) and the specific building.
  • Your co-workers' work locations, including Favorites, team members, and your Manager.
  • Plus, you can easily update your work plans on the fly.

Make meetings worth the time you spend in them

One common daily challenge for many hybrid or distributed teams is the lack of meeting prep. Snapshots arm you with essential information to prepare for the following day's meetings, allowing you to focus on preparation when you're actually focused on doing it.

Details for the next day’s meetings you’re joining include:

  • The meeting title
  • Time
  • Link to the assigned channel (if applicable)
  • Any necessary prep for you to review

Prepare ahead of time, not on-the-fly

Are you scrambling to organize everything for your upcoming meetings? With Snapshots, organizing meaningful meetings just got a whole lot easier. 

In every Snapshot, we've got your back by highlighting the meetings on your calendar that need your attention for the next two days. It's your handy reminder to add any necessary prep to ensure your guests are fully prepared to dive in and engage.

Planning ahead made simple

Your Friday Snapshot will help you kickstart next week with efficient meeting planning for your own meetings. You can do this by adding prep materials and agendas or by enabling Meeting Workflows for every meeting you’d like.

And if you haven’t set any work locations when Friday rolls around, or you’re having trouble deciding on the right days, try launching a poll to find the day that works best for everyone.

Make managing your meetings and work schedule the easiest thing you do

With back-to-back meetings, many projects to juggle, and schedules that seem to change by the minute, it's no wonder managing our time can feel like a mission impossible.

Scoop’s Snapshots helps simplify your workday by sending you personalized day-to-day summaries via Slack so you can take back the time spent pulling up individual calendars, know instantly whether commuting makes sense, and reinforce the good habits that keep meetings on track and productive for everyone. Try Scoop for free today.

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