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Plan your office days with these simple Slack commands

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Slack is where work happens. It’s our go-to platform for seamless collaboration and coordination, where we foster workplace culture. We all know how important this is, especially when we’re not all in the same place at the same time. Yet, in today's flexible work landscape, a crucial detail is missing from our Slack workspaces–where is everyone working from? In a world where 'where' we work is no longer a given five days a week, Scoop for Slack adds a much-needed layer of visibility.

See your co-workers plans for the day

If you want to check your co-workers' work locations for the day, simply type /scoop-today in any channel or multi-person DM. When you do, Scoop will display an ephemeral message that provides comprehensive details, including who's heading into the office, working remotely, out of office (OOO), and those who haven't specified their work location yet.

When using the /scoop-today command, we’ll show you current day work locations for your co-workers, with the option to review the current and following work week. You can use the Set your work location button at the bottom of the message to add or update your own work locations so you can plan your own office days all in one place.

Keep in mind that Scoop will only list work locations for co-workers who are part of that particular channel.

A view of co-workers work locations for the day, including in the office, remote, or out of office

Plan ahead with a week's view of your co-workers plans

If you’re looking to plan your work week in advance, you can use the /scoop-future command to see everyone’s upcoming work plans. This command displays a pop-up with co-workers' work locations for that particular channel for the current and upcoming work week. You can even set or update your own work location within the popup from the upper right corner.  

A view of co-workers work locations of the week, including in the office, remote, or out of office

Simplify planning your in office days

Tired of the hassle that is planning your upcoming office days? We’ve all been there, caught in the cycle of DMs and calendar switching, trying to figure out if it’s worth the commute. Why waste your time when you can easily land on your next office day with Office Interest Polls?

Instantly poll a channel of co-workers by typing the /scoop-poll command or by selecting Launch Poll from the Home tab. From there you simply choose which week you are polling for and wait for the results. 

A Slack poll showing the most popular in office day; three hybrid employees talking

Once you're satisfied with the number of responses, all you have to do is select Close Poll to generate your Most Popular Day Insights. Now that you’re ready to plan your upcoming office days, you can select Confirm to set your work location or Update plan to update your work location for the remaining days in the week. 

Elevate your workday with Scoop for Slack

We all know that Slack is great for a lot of things, but coordinating hybrid work isn’t one of them. Your time is a precious resource, and spending it sifting through last week’s threads to find out where teammates plan to be or creating yet another custom poll to find a good office day can be a drain on productivity. Scoop upgrades Slack to make hybrid work for you so you can focus on what truly matters.

Download Scoop for Slack today to try these features out!

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