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Meeting prep 101: know your meeting attendees’ office plans

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Today, the average person is in 3x more meetings per week than they were back in 2020. That’s a 192% increase! While hybrid work has given us a lot of benefits, it’s also brought about some challenges, especially when it comes to meetings.

In a world where time is our most precious resource, wasting it on the tedious task of hunting down participants and syncing schedules (either physically or over Slacks, DMs, etc.) is the absolute last thing anyone (hybrid or not) wants to do.

Plan ahead with meeting attendees’ work locations 

With Scoop, there’s no guessing at where your co-workers plan to work from. And with Calendar Sync, that also extends to your meeting guests.

By surfacing the work locations of attendees (in office, working remotely, OOO) side by side with their RSVP, you can better plan, prepare, or even adapt your own schedule for what makes sense for the meeting and group’s location.

A calendar event with meeting attendees' work locations'; a single view of a calendar day with a work location as an all-day event

Your calendar, right at your fingertips

Our phones have become our go-to for staying in the loop–that’s why Scoop made meeting attendee work locations visible on the mobile app for iOS or Android too!

When you have an in-progress or upcoming event, we’ll display this in the Highlights section of the Now tab. You can tap into each event to view details, including who’s attending and guests’ planned work locations.

The Week Schedule section of the Upcoming tab helps you prepare for your week by showing who will be in the office each day, the number of scheduled meetings, and their times. You can even get a more detailed breakdown by tapping into each day's card.

A mobile app with calendar events and meeting attendees work locations visible

Seamless scheduling with calendar sync

Scoop is here to help you make great decisions about where and how you spend your time at work. Managing your meetings is the first step—knowing your attendees' plans helps make that decision a lot easier. And once you do make that decision, Scoop can surface your own work plans on your calendar as all-day events.

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