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Increase the value of every meeting with Meeting Workflows

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Did you know that in 2023, a staggering 55 million meetings took place in the US weekly? And on average, employees spent 31 hours in unproductive meetings each month. It's safe to say we've all felt a little overwhelmed. Whether figuring out what's on the agenda, rounding up attendees, or questioning if the meeting is even necessary, it's all become a bit of a time-consuming maze.

That's why we're so excited to announce the launch of Meeting Workflows! 

Scoop's Meeting Workflows make it easy for distributed and hybrid employees to prepare for the meetings that matter and skip the ones that don't need to happen. By bringing all the crucial meeting details and prep together in Slack, Meeting Workflows keeps meetings productive and on track for everyone. 

How it works

First, sync Scoop to your Google calendar within the Scoop Slack app. Scoop will then use AI to identify your work meetings, distinguishing them from non-work events such as lunches, happy hours, and breaks. 

Meeting owners can then choose which meetings they want to receive notifications for and where those live, whether in an existing channel or one that Scoop creates.

Scoop will even use the same channel for recurring meetings, so all the necessary information is conveniently accessible when and where you need it.

Meeting Notifications

Meeting Workflows utilizes a variety of notifications to enhance meeting productivity and ensure everyone stays on track. These notifications give participants clear expectations before they head into the meeting while allowing owners ample time to prepare thoughtfully, resulting in smooth and effective meetings. 

These notifications include: 

24-hour prep notifications sent to all meeting attendees with

  • Meeting & guest details
  • Convenient option to update your RSVP or work location
  • Access to essential documents and meeting prep materials
  • The option to anonymously propose skipping the meeting

15-minute reminders sent to all meeting attendees with

  • Meeting & guest details
  • Button to quickly review meeting prep
  • Notify all attendees if you’re Running Late
  • Link to easily join the call
  • Option to anonymously propose skipping the meeting
  • Fun icebreaker questions.

Personalized Snapshot Summaries

Stay ahead of your meeting schedule with a personalized DM summary that surfaces your upcoming meetings, highlights necessary prep, and your co-workers’ work locations.

With Snapshots, you can: 

  • Add or update your work location
  • View where co-workers and Favorites will be working
  • Review prep for upcoming meetings
  • Get ready for the meetings you own by enabling meeting notifications, adding prep, or managing prep 

Propose skipping and canceling meetings

The 63rd International Meetings Statistics Report by the Union of International Organizations (UIA) projects a 34% meeting surge by 2027. With 65% of employees agreeing that frequent meetings disrupt their productivity, we can all agree that some meetings simply don't need to happen. 

In those times, Scoop's Meeting Workflows makes it easy to propose skipping. Any meeting participant can discreetly propose skipping, and all attendees have the opportunity to vote anonymously. The meeting owner can then make an informed decision on whether to proceed with or cancel the meeting.

Prioritize how and where you spend your time at work

Too much valuable time is wasted in bad meetings, but it doesn't have to be that way. Scoop's Meeting Workflows are here to make your meetings productive, engaging experiences for everyone involved. Instantly access essential agendas, documents, and links with just one click. Effortlessly update your RSVP or work location if your schedule changes, and even propose skipping the meetings that don't need to happen.

Try Meeting Workflows free today.

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