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How to use Scoop to find 1:1 time with your co-workers

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What truly makes work enjoyable?

It's not the deadlines and projects that often grab the spotlight; it's the connections we make with our co-workers. The workplace isn't merely a stage for ticking off tasks; it's a dynamic canvas where meaningful interactions empower us to get our best work done and bring vibrancy to the professional journey.  

Yes, working alongside friends is essential to productivity and job engagement in many ways, but for hybrid employees, managing 1:1 time together can sometimes feel like herding cats. Scoop simplifies connecting with your co-workers face-to-face, all from inside Slack.

Plan in-person meetups ahead of time with Snapshots 

The easiest way to set up those 1:1s with your co-workers is by taking a peek at your upcoming day or week with a personalized summary of who's headed to the office and what's on your calendar. Snapshots lets you casually plan your next office day, keep track of your upcoming meetings, and spot opportunities to invite your co-workers for a day together in the office.

💡Tip: You can update your work location straight from your Snapshot. 

Shift virtual meetings into in-person connections with Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync lets you see your meeting attendees' work locations, making it easy for you to shift to in-person gatherings when it makes the most sense. Calendar Sync automatically displays your and your colleagues' work locations as an all-day calendar event, so you can effortlessly anticipate work plans and identify the best times for in-person interactions (or suggest adjustments to their plans). Now you can plan 1:1 time with teammates when it works best for everyone! It's all about making your plans sync effortlessly.

And let's face it, planning those in-person meetings becomes a whole lot better when you're planning them with your work BFF. When you add Favorites in Scoop, their daily work plans automatically surface across the whole Scoop platform, making it even easier to plan your next office meetup together.

Once you’ve added your Favorites, you’ll instantly see their office plans across Slack, mobile, and Calendar Extension

Book 1:1 Time

Once you know your plans align, Scoop makes it easy to book time together, whether it's a coffee chat, a walk around the block, or just a day spent side by side. 

With In-Person Invites, you choose the event type (ex: coffee, 1:1, etc.), and the co-worker, and Scoop handles the rest — all the way to your calendar.

Get the right people together in the right place with Scoop

Successful hybrid workdays revolve around the connections that turn the typical nine-to-five into a gratifying, collaborative, and enjoyable journey. Whether you're planning for next week or tomorrow, Scoop is there to make sure that the time you spend together counts. Get started with Scoop for free today. 

Ensure your in-person 1:1s are not just scheduled but seamlessly synchronized with Scoop.

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