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Guide: Scoop for Google Calendar

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Your calendar is key to mastering the art of flexible and efficient workdays, but who needs the hassle of constantly making updates or switching between tools to ensure everyone’s plans are still on? What if you could streamline your office plans and keep your calendar updated without all the back and forth?

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can effortlessly harness the power of Scoop for Calendar to elevate your hybrid schedule and have everyone’s office plans right where you need them.

Automatically surface your work location on Calendar

After you connect Scoop to your Calendar, your set work location will automatically appear as an all-day event. And if your plans change (hey, we’re hybrid employees, after all), Scoop takes the work off your plate by syncing those updates for you.

When you have OOO events on your Calendar, Scoop goes the extra mile by syncing those details across the entire Scoop platform, too!

View upcoming meetings in Slack and Mobile

As an added perk, your upcoming meetings are displayed on Slack and the Scoop Mobile app too.

When you have a meeting on the horizon or in progress during the day, we’ll send you Live Activity notifications directly to your phone. Plus, the Upcoming tab within the app offers seamless access to meeting details like the title, time, convenient links to join the call, and attendees' work locations, keeping you in the loop on the go.

See your meeting guests’ work locations

Want to know where your meeting guests will be? We’ve got you covered. When viewing the guests’ section for any meeting on your calendar, Scoop will show you each meeting guest’s planned work location. 

You’ll also be able to see meeting guests' details from your Snapshots and on mobile too.

Supercharge your calendar for hybrid work

Staying up-to-date is not just a convenience—it's a confident stride into seamless hybrid workdays. Let Scoop take the reins on keeping you and your team in the loop on office plans with Scoop for Calendar.

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