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In 2020, Scoop, like many other companies, adapted to a changing work landscape. We recognized the challenges faced by hybrid employees and that the need for powerful planning tools had become more critical than ever.

Today, our dedication to supporting you remains consistent. You're not alone in pondering those oh-so-familiar questions, like  'Should I go to the office today?'' What if you had the knowledge of when and where to spend your workday making it less of a constant struggle?

It all starts with choosing your next office day

The work-from-home or office dilemma can be tricky. In-office days may mean endless Zoom meetings alone, while staying home may lead to missed opportunities for team collaboration. So how do you make the right choice to ensure your office days are both productive and rewarding?

With Scoop, you can have on-demand visibility for when teammates and co-workers are heading into the office, helping you to plan your next office day. What's even better is that work locations sync seamlessly across Slack, your calendar, and your phone, ensuring you have the information you need, wherever you are.

A hybrid employee picking his next office day and sharing his work location in Slack

Find the upcoming office day that works for everyone

Planning a productive hybrid workday with co-workers can be a real headache when office plans are constantly up in the air—leaving you to question where, when, and how to do your best work.

With Scoop’s Office Interest Polls on Slack, you can quickly poll your co-workers to find the most convenient days for everyone and simplify the process with just a few clicks. Plus, you can confirm your office plans directly within Slack once you know what days work best.

It's a low-effort, high-reward move: what's not to love?

A hybrid employee confirming their office day from an office interest poll

Catch up with In-Person Invites 

Why spend your precious time comparing calendars and sifting through Slack messages just to organize a day at the office with your work bestie? With In-Person Invites making real-life meetups happen has never been easier. It only takes a couple of clicks in the Scoop Slack app, and we'll handle all the planning for you. Once your plans are confirmed, we'll even add them directly to your calendar.

Whether you're planning an important strategy session or simply craving some quality time with your work buddies, In-Person Invites guarantee smoother and more enjoyable office get-togethers. 

Weaving the 'where' of work into your calendar

Tired of the constant 'Are you going in tomorrow?' messages? Us too. Why not make it just as easy for your co-workers to plan their office days by syncing your work location to your calendar.

Once you've connected Scoop and Google Calendar, your work location will automatically appear as an all-day event. Already have upcoming out-of-office (OOO) events on your calendar? We’ll sync those details across the entire platform as well.

Now you're simplifying your office planning and empowering your team to coordinate their office days with ease. 

A week view of calendar with work location added

Scoop is your hybrid work partner

Say goodbye to Monday morning fog and the last-minute scramble for outfits by embracing seamless office day coordination. With Scoop, you'll not only know where you need to be but also when—and that's a game-changer.

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