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Cracking the code of flexible work: finding the right office day

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Picture this: Workweek morning chaos, you're in a rush to get set for the day, and suddenly, the big question hits you. Do you actually need to go to the office today or are you going to be better off WFH?

So, what's the deciding factor for you? Is it about being physically present when the right folks are around, collaborating with your work buddies, or maybe catching those all-important meetings in person? What if making the right choice was as easy as going to your phone or popping into Slack?

Instantly see who's working from where

Not many things can dampen the anticipation of face-to-face discussions with colleagues like stepping into the office, ready to share your ideas, only to find an eerily quiet workspace and yourself locked into solitary virtual meetings all day. Hybrid work brings undeniable advantages, but it also has a fresh set of challenges, particularly when it comes to deciding where to work.

With Scoop, you’ll have immediate visibility into your coworkers' office plans, making it super convenient to organize your next office day. What's even cooler is that work locations sync across the whole Scoop platform, guaranteeing you access to the info you need, no matter where you're at.

A Slack view of co-workers work locations

Find moments with your Favorites

In terms of your work life, is there anything better than in-office days with your work bestie? Those days when you can bounce ideas off each other, collaborate effortlessly, and feel the buzz of teamwork in the air. But let's be honest, the struggle to coordinate those cherished in-office meetups can be a real headache. Juggling Slack DMs, and sifting through calendars, all to end up crossing your fingers that the stars align for both of you.

But when you add Favorites in Scoop, their work plans automatically surface to you across the whole Scoop platform–making it incredibly easy to plan your next office day together. No more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, just enjoyable office days with your work friends. 

Two hybrid employees chatting with a calendar view showing work location

Plan your next office day with Polls

If you’ve ever tried planning an in-office day with your team, you know how quickly it can become a notification nightmare. A simple “Anyone going into the office next week?” can quickly become nonstop pings.  

Instead of trying to keep track of everyone’s preferences in your endless string of Slack messages, let Scoop’s Office Interest Polls simplify the process for you by generating interest in a user-friendly format, and emphasizing the most preferred office day for everyone. 

You can even tailor your poll to suit your needs by choosing the delivery option—recurring or one-time immediate—and specifying the channel and preferred polling time. Once you know just the right day to join your team, you can confirm your office plans directly within Slack.

Find your ‘goldilocks’ office day

Whatever the deciding factor for your in-office days may be, it doesn’t have to be a difficult choice. Get empowered to make great decisions on how and where to spend your time with Scoop. 

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